Bugg Motors first got its start in Appomattox Virginia in the mid 70’s. My father and I always shared a passion for older vehicles, and it just so happened that the Volkswagen Bug was one of our favorites! We would locate and purchase older Bug’s that had been forgotten, and spent many nights together restoring them to their original stature. Once we completed a project, we would sell the restored vehicle to local enthusiasts who also shared our passion for cars.

We established ourselves in the community as people that can be trusted when someone bought a vehicle from us. Over time, people began to ask us if we had specific cars, or could get our hands on certain vehicles for them. We slowly started buying more vehicles, restoring any necessary parts, and then selling the completed projects to our local friends and family. As time passed, we found ourselves immersed in what has turned out to be a successful venture into the car business!

After years of selling vehicles out of our 2 car garage in Appomattox, I set out on my own and purchased my first location on Highway 29 South near the intersection of Calohan Road in Rustburg. I stayed at this location for 13 years and quickly earned the respect and trust of the local and surrounding communities. In 2009, I moved locations and opened up our current store located at 12278 Wards Road, right at the top of Spring Hill.

With our continued growth, along with a combined 70 years’ worth of sales experience, we offer not only the best in quality vehicles, but we can also guarantee financing for every credit situation. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to get the vehicle that will benefit them the most. At Bugg Motors, we will always be committed to serving the community. We would love the opportunity to show you how we can make a difference for you and your family, and continue the legacy of Bugg Motors for many years to come! I look forward to seeing you soon.

Hugh Bugg